Zencurity is a security company based in Denmark working with security conscious companies.

We work in security and internet projects, such as:

  • Pentest and security services with focus on network infrastructure and reviewing configurations for firewall, network devices, switches etc.
  • Registering internet resources such as IP addresses and help in creating a LIR in RIPE NCC, we ensure efficient handling of the process for customer
  • Getting large and complex networks online, from procurement of connections and devices to full BGP configuration
  • We provide performance and DDoS testing
  • Network security consulting, network design, routers, loadbalancing, …
  • Need an IDS, we configure Suricata IDS, Bro/Zeek for production use

Zencurity also does a lot of workshops and trainings, ask for security subjects. We might already have a course ready to go.


Our customers are typically medium to large companies based in Denmark with high security requirements. Some customers have been with us for +20 years!


Materials are mostly produced in english, and presented in danish or english.


We are a registered company in Denmark CVR: CVR: 3294 1184

and RIPE NCC LIR member dk.zencurity

Domain names

We can resell domain names through joker.com so ask if you need one.

As a reseller, we would like to inform you of the ICANN ‘Registrant Rights and Responsibilities’. You can read more about these rights at: http://www.icann.org/en/resources/registrars/registrant-rights/educational