We work in security and internet projects, such as:

  • Pentest and security services with focus on network infrastructure and reviewing, review a 60 routers network or 5.000 line firewall config
  • Need help creating a LIR in RIPE NCC, we ensure efficient handling of the process for customer
  • Getting your network online, from procurement of connections and devices to full BGP configuration
  • We provide performance and DDoS testing get the PDF directly
  • Network security consulting, , network design, routers, loadbalancing, …
  • Need an IDS, we have configured Suricata IDS, Bro/Zeek in production setup multiple times

Below we have listed some of the typical projects where Zencurity can help customers build a more secure infrastructure.

Special requests are also possible, so please ask.

Implementation services

We can help select and implement a variety of devices, such as:

  • Secure infrastructure firewalls, switches, routers - securely with a best practice configuration
  • Intrusion Detection Systems based on Suricata IDS, Zeek security monitor and other similar open source tools
  • Monitoring solutions using available open source software
  • Installing centralized logging services and configuring alerts
  • Audit and review services

We can audit servers and infrastructure device configurations from most top vendors.


Becoming a RIPE NCC member is a way to get IP address space which can be moved between internet providers and ensure long term stability for your business.

The current RIPE NCC members can request a /22 IPv4 and IPv6 as needed, typically a /32 IPv6 is sufficient.

We have helped multiple customers start their LIR quickly and efficiently. We have been working with RIPE NCC for more than 10 years and keep up with the procedures, requirements and processes involved.

We can typically get your LIR up and running in about two weeks from sending the initial forms until full payment, contracts and initial IP addresses received.

We have a fixed fee for helping creating a LIR which is 12.440kr. This does not include the fees to be paid to RIPE NCC. The current fees for RIPE NCC members are EUR 1,400 per year and a one-time sign-up fee of EUR 2,000.

You may sign up multiple LIRs for the same company, but mergers of LIRs are time-restricted so all LIRs will pay the annual fee for at least multiple years.

The fee covers assisting the customer fill out all forms, replying to RIPE NCC questions, ensuring you know what the next step is, creating necessary RIPE Whois objects and executing the requests for IP space.